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Hello everyone and welcome to AWinsomeLife!

A Winsome Life came about because we wanted to document some of our personal life stories. What started off as a mini hobby soon became a profitable small business which generated additional passive income for us.

Today, we provide a variety of digital and social media marketing services that is not limited to just content writing, product reviews, and ad placements. We also offer a host of digital tech solutions that can help small-medium enterprises foster a collaborative working culture.


The Founding of A Winsome Life as a Singapore-based Lifestyle Blog.

Welcomed the 100,000th Visitor.

Singapore Blog Awards Top 10 Finalists for the Best Lifestyle Blog.

Registered A Winsome Life as a Sole-Proprietorship with ACRA.
Offered Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Management Services.
Our Personal Concierge Business was Featured inThe Straits Times.

Welcomed the 1,000,000th Visitor.

Our Personal Concierge Business was quoted inThe Straits Times.

Awarded theSingapore Website Awards 2019Site of the Month (January) Award.
Published the 1000th article.

Newspirituality columnfor all things spiritual.

About Melvin Lee

Melvin Leeis the Co-Founder of A Winsome Life and he is extremely passionate about content writing. From a humble blog that he started in 2004 where he rants about his school life, Melvin started A Winsome Life together with Jacqueline in 2011. Since then, A Winsome Life has garnered more than2,000,000 page viewsin total and welcomed more than860,000 unique visitorstill date.

A jack of all trades, Melvin firmly believes in lifelong learning and he enjoys sharing his knowledge, skills, and experience with others. Inspired by his dad to become an entrepreneur, Melvin hopes to bring value to the community.

During his free time, Melvin enjoys spending time with Jacqueline and Mikayla, reading a book, travelling to unwind, boating, and sipping some fine wine and sake over a hearty meal.

Unknown to many, Melvin plays the guitar and drums and he has also acted in a few television productions on KidsCentral (now known as Okto), Channel 5, and appeared in the movie production, Ah Boys to Men.

About Jacqueline Teo

People say, “A picture paints a thousand words.” and that is exactly what Jacqueline is fond and capable of. Armed with a Fujifilm XA2 and her Apple iPhone, Jacqueline is the Official Photographer for A Winsome Life and she is always out hunting for good photography opportunities. Bubbling with fresh and innovative ideas, Jacqueline would work hand-in-hand with Melvin to churn out blog posts for A Winsome Life.

Through her photos, Jacqueline hopes to inspire people to travel more, eat more, see more, and enjoy life to its fullest!

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